“The problem with war and peace is its alot about war”

Lady Lazarus, Sylvia Plath
“God help us—for art is long, and life so short.”
Goethe, Faust  (via mirroir)xxxxxxxxx (via babelesque)
“Does nobody understand?”
James Joyce’s last words (via requiemforthepast)






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la mia adolescenza-

“I have a parrot that talks but not in complete sentences.”
“I’m bad and I’m going to hell, and I don’t care. I’d rather be in hell than anywhere where you are.”
William Faulkner, The Sound and the Fury (via dreadfuldead)
“When I look up, I see people cashing in. I don’t see heaven or saints or angels. I see people cashing in on every decent impulse and every human tragedy.”
Joseph Heller - (Book: Catch 22)
“The birds that were singing in the dew-drenched garden seemed to be telling the flowers about her.”
Oscar Wilde, The Picture of Dorian Gray (via fables-of-the-reconstruction)
It’s here! It’s here!
“It was love at first sight, at last sight, at ever and ever sight.”
Lolita, Vladimir Nabokov (via ardentadmirations)

Bookplate for Rainer Maria Rilke, ca. 1900 Height 9.; Width 4.2 cm. From the estate of Louis Graf, Munich, graphic printer.
“Even on a personal level art is a form of heightened living. It gives greater pleasures, it consumes faster. It stamps the features of its servants with the signs of imaginary and spiritual adventures, and it produces, even in the most cloister-like atmosphere, a certain fastidiousness, an over-refinement, an exhaustion and curiosity of the nerves, in a way even a life of the most outrageous passions and delights could scarcely effect it.”
Thomas Mann, Death in Venice (via talesofpassingtime)